08 9 / 2012



Oh hey, here’s something fantastic.

Paul Ryan (yr P90X, supersonic marathon speedrunner, mountainhoppin’ VP candidate) talks to a Rotary Club about cutting Social Security and Medicar benefits, refers to them as “entitlement programs.”

A 71-year-old working-class retiree gets angry, and yells that it’s not entitlement, as he’s paid into those programs out of his wages for 50 years. 

Cops not only arrest the guy, but cuff him and forcibly wrestle him to the ground as he yelps that he has a broken shoulder.

Ryan doesn’t stop them. Ryan doesn’t even stay respectfully quiet. Ryan cracks a joke: “I hope he’s taken his blood pressure medication.”

This is your daily reminder that this is what they think of us

Fuck you, GOP.

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