04 8 / 2012

I’m not used to doing so much and being in all these places away from home for the whole day! First I went out and met a friend for brunch at Le Pain Quotidien. Their omelets were gross so I switched to a teeny belgian waffle instead. We stayed so long I finished a pot of tea and a really excellent soy hot chocolate! She wanted to go to the gap outlet, and I helped her find a few cute things! I wasn’t really looking for myself but I tried on two shirts and immediately hated both. Some things are marked down a lot for a reason. I liked their cardigans though. Then I made the super long (hour and a half) drive up to see Rachel! We got into her new apartment and it sucked. Since she was moving in early, her landlord didn’t clean it…. And it was filthy. We went to a quick lunch to meet exchanges at this really cute little local place. So at about 3pm, her friend Abby arrived and we had started cleaning. Super intense deep cleaning. Somehow it’s more satisfying when it’s not your stuff..and you didn’t make that mess. Anyways, we cleaned until her parents arrive at ~7. Then her dad helped her move the furniture into the apartment (in the same building, just one floor up) and her mom and I kept cleaning. I super cleaned so many things—her bathroom, the whole kitchen, bedroom, and on and on. It was dusty and just grimy and gross. The previous tenants switched to a bigger apartment in the same building and left the apartment a total mess. But anyways. At 9 we went and got dinner at Coalfire. Then I went back with Rachel to help her decide whether to keep or ditch some of her massive closet stash. I was very discerning where she was more conservative in what to resell/donate/trash. Now after that really long drive back, I’m home and going to take a bath and go to bed. I feel sweaty, stank, but satisfied. We got so much done today.


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13 11 / 2009

Just had an hour long conversation with JULIA and it was excellent. ¬†Dropped off my transcript request form and had a talk with my advisor. ¬†Everything’s in place for my transfer back home and I feel so free.