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That’s really a bummer. I’ve gotten really good boxes (with the exception of the very first one I got, which was meh).

I had a good run.  I’ve been a member for over a year and I just cashed out all of my points on my two favorite things that I have ever gotten from a box: stila smudge stick eyeliner (which I have in lionfish and peacock, just got it in stargazer since i needed a good black liner) and an amika nourishing hair mask.. I would have bought Not A Perfume, but I didn’t really want to give them any more of my cash and I didn’t have enough points. Honestly though, I get a zillion hair product samples at work and I was most interested in nails & makeup. When BB stopped delivering in those regards, it was a pretty easy decision to drop it. I can reactivate whenever I feel like it and maybe I will but not for a while.

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I think we might have the same box. I’m looking forward to the Pixi eye pencil and the quick curls. (I haven’t gotten mine yet).

Nah, in mine I received a Schick razor, high gloss hair masque, lipstick touchup qtips, a weird brow wax/foundation pencil, and a juicy couture vive la juicy la fleur sample. I’d rather spend the money elsewhere.  I’ve been feeling iffy about the boxes lately but when I got this one I am done. I’m going to sign up for another makeup box later, after I’ve evaluated the Julep Maven one. I really liked getting birchbox, but I can’t believe what they sent me this time.


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Yay! Also, if I haven’t told you this, check out “fanservice nails” on Etsy. Proprietress is a friend of mine, and the polishes are GORGEOUS (and super nerdy themed).

These are fabulous!! Here are my two faves:

Serendipity IS My Stripper Name


Burdened With Glorious Purpose

Can you tell I like glitter?

here’s the link to her tumblr: http://fanservicenails.tumblr.com/

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What kind of maven did it say you are?

The style quiz said I was “classic with a twist” but the colors in that box looked like dupes of what I have and I’m more interested in the nail polish that the accoutrements so I switched to “it girl.” I also bought the “it girl” mystery box, we’ll have to compare when they come in. I’m really looking forward to receiving them!

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What about Leslie’s TV spot vs. Bobby Newport’s TV spot, and some of the discussion around that?

you are a flawless human being.


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womanofkleenex replied to your photo: Holy shit, I have bangs!

Looks fantastic!

Thank you! As a veteran bang-wearer, do you have any tips?

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they look GREAT! you inspire me. I want some Rebel Wilson bangs now too!

Thanks! I feel really great about them but it is a little weird to feel them on my forehead/see my reflection. Do it!

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She might need help with some basic shit, like picking up dry cleaning or whatever. Having someone take care of her errands would free her up to spend more time with her mom.

true! thanks.

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Did a facial mask, hair mask, did my nails, caught up on most of my tv shows, on emails, on some leftover texts, worked for 8 hours, tried on all of my new clothes, folded/hung up laundry, made pizza, took my meds, and did pretty okay. On 4 hours of sleep. So now I’m going to bed. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with friends at ihop, we’re going to the massive cavern of bingo and we’re going to win some freaking cash. Best life! Thanks womanofkleenex for the asos review idea, if it works in my schedule I’ll definitely do it, they’ll probs be showing up in random ootds otherwise

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Ugh, sorry. I should have specified I meant the store. LB and OneStopPlus have the WORST phone support for online stuff and sales and such. Ugh.

nah I figured the national customer service stuff would be better to start with, but now I know.  Thanks!

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I would call and complain. They seem to be trying really hard to up their customer service. So, might be worth a shot.

Yeah, I called the main customer service line, some dude answered and was completely unhelpful (“Yeah, you can pay to send it to us and our engineers will make sure that you’re telling the truth and it was negligent manufacturing or you can throw it away.” wtf).  I just called the store and they were super sweet, “Bring it by the store whenever you can and we’ll replace it or refund it, even without a receipt.”

Honestly that guy was such a dick and I was getting more and more upset (out of proportion, but I was legit about to cry and I am awesome at dealing with customer service), so I just wrote out a script of what I wanted to say to the store employee & that worked great.